Testimonial 1

“My husband and I went through months of seeing my healthy happy son decline mentally, physically, and academically due to his school dynamics. Following dead end discussions with the teacher and principal, our pediatrician advised us the only option was to make a change.

Since we were not (and still are not) a religious family, we felt that we would not be accepted into either of the private schools in Cranbrook. We were at a loss. An acquaintance put us in touch with KCA and encouraged us to see what they were all about. My husband and I knew immediately this was a good fit for us. We were accepted with open arms into not just a school, but a community that shares the same values as our family. They have continuously made a sincere effort to help us build our son back into the little boy he deserves to be through kindness, patience, and the necessary support. After the first week we were blown away at the incredible change in his overall happiness. Now after 1 year, he is thriving far beyond imagination in academics, self confidence, and the ability to develop and maintain nurturing relationships. Words can not express how grateful our whole family is for what KCA has provided for our son. ”